Side effects of facebook | facebook is good or bad

Side effects of facebook - facebook is good or bad
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Side effects of facebook | facebook is good or bad

Facebook breaks up relationships

This video is all about common reasons of break up via facebook, facebook breaks up relationships, side effects of facebook, why facebook is harmful for youths, facebook harassment, facebook benefits, facebook disadvantages, facebook is good or bad, and virtual sex on facebook.

Now a days, facebook is like an important instrument in our life. Not only in the urban life, but also at villages, towns, ports and
in many areas, facebook is available in our pockets! Everyone use it inspite of having their busy life. Now it becomes a part of life.
We can reach someone’s facebook profile, just by a single click on the phone. Without any restrictions, one can choice a woman’s
profile, take a look at her pictures, download her beautiful pictures and do anything with it. This is happening everyday, for both boys or girls.

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