4 Ways To Get A Million YouTube Views – YouTube Tips

4 Ways To Get A Million YouTube Views - YouTube Tips
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4 Ways To Get A Million YouTube Views

Imagine watching the viewer count on a video, surpass the one million mark.

That’s the dream, right?

Every minute 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. However, only a select few will ever reach a million views. These videos reach such large audiences because of the distinct ways in which they set themselves apart. Here are four ways that YouTubers can reach a million views.

1. Create Content That Your Audience Will Love

Quality content is the backbone of any successful YouTube channel. When a viewer loves your content, he or she will share it with friends and followers. In order to achieve viral status content must be interesting, innovative and unusual.

Important things to keep remember:-

  1. Create content that relates to your audience
  2. Put a new twist on something popular
  3. Rethink, redo and reinvent

2. Actively Engage With Followers

YouTube heavily bases its search rankings on comments and clicks. By engaging with your audience you open the doors for even more viewers to flood in.

Important things to keep remember:-

  1. Interaction with your audience and Builds a strong following
  2. Because YouTube is a social netowrk, Audience engagement drives more traffic

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization to increase visibility

YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide. SEO is the most important way to raise your videos to the top of the search results page. YouTube have with over five million monthly views worldwide. You have to Write keyword-rich titles, video descriptions, meta-descriptions, annotations and tags to boost her search rankings.

Important things to keep remember:-

  1. Write several keywords into your title, description and tags
  2. Pick one strong keyword phrase to use in the title and description
  3. Use YouTube’s free video analytics tool to choose appropriate keywords for your target audience
  4. Use Google Trends and Google Adwords, Keyword Planner to choose the best keywords

4. Upload Videos Consistently

Uploading videos at regular Intervals increases viewership by keeping followers interested in your channel. When they like what they see they’ll want to come back for more. Essentially, how we work is we take YouTube video and Push video out through some powerful network like Face book, Twitter, Linked In etc. You can also push your video through blogs, websites, apps, games, and social networks, that will display your video to their real audience.

Important things to keep remember:-

  1. Upload consistently so that subscribers can rely on you
  2. Consistency is the key steady growth in viewership
  3. Publishing more videos will lead to more engaged users

These strategies are Tried and Tested. Adopt them into your content creation in order to get your video closer to a million viewers.

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That’s all about today’s discussion. Stay Healthy. Be always Happy. If you have any queries, please comment on my YouTube video, I will reply you soon. Thanks for watching this video.

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