3 Biggest Mistakes to avoid on YouTube – YouTube Tips

3 Biggest Mistakes to avoid on YouTube - YouTube Tips
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3 Biggest Mistakes to avoid on YouTube?

I will tell you there are 3 biggest mistakes to avoid on YouTube. I want to share this video with you.

1. Don’t Buy BOT Views

Never use spam bot views for YouTube videos. They will get your video and channel banned. If selling 10000 views for $20 that means, it’s spam. YouTube don’t like these bot views. So please avoid to buy spam bot views for YouTube videos.

2. Don’t Use Dark Thumbnail Images

Use an image that shows your face properly. If any viewers like your YouTube video and they want to subscribe on your YouTube Channel they like to click on images of faces. Thus thumb nail image of your channel should be needed very representative.

3. Don’t Think Your Video Will Spread On Its Own

95% of videos have less than 1,000 views. Thus, have a plan to get your video noticed. Essentially, how I work, I take YouTube video and push it out through some powerful networks like Face book, Twitter, Linked In etc. I can also push your video through blogs, websites, apps, games, and social networks that will display your video to their real audience.

If you’re interested to get your YouTube video discovered by masses of targeted fans, please subscribe on my YouTube Channel. That’s all about today’s discussion. Stay Healthy. Be always Happy. If you have any queries, please comment on my YouTube video, I will reply you soon.

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